Mama loves cooking.

mama loves cooking

I’m not claiming to be an amazing chef, but I do enjoy cooking. When I’m not really busy or too tired. And when I have a nice recipe to try which turns out how it’s supposed to. There’s nothing worse than bundling all kinds of kooky ingredients into a slow cooker, excitedly savouring the aromas all day, then finding it tastes terrible. Damn you, peanut butter salsa chicken!

I could always “cook” and would normally try out the occasional new recipe on my husband. When the baby started weaning though, things had to be kicked up a gear. I not only had to feed myself and the husband, I had to provide home-cooked, salt and spice free, soft-enough meals for my 6 month old. That was quite a shock to the system, having just managed to get into a rhythm with breastfeeding and LP’s naps. Food preparation and mealtimes seemed to take forever. It’s a lot easier now.

Nowadays, at 13 months and 6 teeth, LP can eat almost the same food as his father and I. If he’s with me for the day (4 days a week, when I’m not at work), we usually eat the same lunch and we’ll have brunch and Sunday dinner together as a family at the weekend. Some weeknights we eat dinner all together too, but this is quite early, so he’ll sometimes have a meal from a batch I’ve previously made and frozen so his father and I can eat later. And the odd, ready-made toddler meal too, of course. I’m not Mary Poppins for chrissakes.

The latest cooking stories and recipes are below.

Baby & toddler friendly quesadillas

Vegetable or chicken quesadillas for the whole family (with guacamole) Quesadillas are great – easy and quick to make, a great way of using up leftovers and a perfect way to get a hit of vegetables.  If you’ve never tried them, they are a bit like cheesey, fajita flatbreads – with the filling sandwiched between two … Read More

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Warm halloumi salad with chickpea & spinach

An easy vegetarian recipe for a meat free Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…) I love chickpeas. They add a really nice flavour and texture to all kinds of recipes, are good for you and I just like the name. “Chickpea”. It’s fun to say. I also love halloumi. Just look at it piled on top … Read More

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Easy, Fancy Midweek Recipe: Pistachio Crusted Salmon

Pistachio crusted salmon in pictures Looking for a quick mid-week dinner that looks a little bit fancier than your average quick and easy meal? I recommend that you try the delicious pistachio crusted salmon recipe, courtesy of Simple Healthy Kitchen.  This recipe feels special enough to use as a weekend treat too (although perhaps your … Read More

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Lazy Sunday Eggs Benedict

Recently I blogged about the love for Sunday brunch we have in this household, and shared our version of American pancake stacks. My husband and I also love eggs benedict, although we haven’t tried this out on Little Pickle yet. I just have a feeling that it’s a bit too rich for him and he … Read More

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Sunday brunch: American pancake stacks

Pancakes for brunch at home with the family I love brunch, but sometimes getting a one year old up, ready and out of the door is a bit of a challenge on a Sunday morning. We usually feed LP before we head out for a meal because that means he won’t be hungry and grumpy … Read More

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Cheese & Broccoli Muffins

Cheese and Broccoli Muffins for Babies, Toddlers and the Whole Family 8 months-old LP approves of this cheese & brocolli muffins recipe Muffins are great for weaning babies onto solids. They are suitable from quite an early age (no earlier than 6 months), once baby has mastered the pincer grasp enough to manipulate pieces of food into … Read More

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