Can you go to Pilates hungover?

woman in yoga tree pose against mountain backdrop

This is definitely not how I looked on Sunday morning at Pilates class. Also, I know that’s Yoga’s tree pose, not Pilates

Quick answer: yes but you’ll probably be knackered for the rest of the day. But you’ll feel the benefit in a couple of days.

After dealing with pain in my sacroiliac / hip joint, for which I have seen a chiropractor, my GP and an NHS physiotherapist, I started going to Pilates to build up the strength in my core and prevent the pain from coming back. I am about three weeks in, going twice a week and I haven’t had the pain since. I’ll have to give it a couple of months of being pain free before I give my final verdict on whether I’m cured. But it’s fun, relaxing and a nice little break from the full-on demands of toddler motherhood.

This is why, when I woke up on Sunday morning a little bit worse for wear, after a dinner party with friends, I decided to make it to my 10.30am class.

How to go to a Pilates class when you’re hungover

  1. Get up with ever-so-slightly blurry eyes when toddler’s random noises become full blown whingeing at 7am. Then go back to bed when you realise that it’s his dad’s turn to get up with him. Result.
  2. Get up again at 8.45 after deciding that you will go to that class after all. Maybe it will help to clear your head.
  3. Make yourself a coffee, a bowl of sugar free porridge and get some melon pieces on the side. Plus a pint of water. The slow-release carbs, coffee and water are going to see you through this!
  4. Enjoy 45 minutes of idyllic Sunday morning family time. Your toddler steals pieces of fruit from your plate which are too hard for him to eat, yet he crams his mouth full. Five minutes later he spits mushed up fruit from his mouth like a fountain. Oh how you all laugh because Sunday morning is LOVELY.
  5. Suddenly panic and realise that you haven’t left enough time for a shower. Shower rapidly, dress and leave, kissing family goodbye
  6. Attend Pilates class. Revel in the sunlit studio. Try most but not all of the harder poses. You are feeling energised! Your hangover is leaving! This is great.
  7. Drive home, get out of car, go upstairs and lie down on bed.
  8. Struggle to keep pace with toddler in the afternoon.
  9. Feel benefits of Pilates two days later. Are your muscles more toned? No hip pain! Life is good

Are you going to brave a trip to the gym even though you overindulged last night? If the room isn’t spinning, you aren’t being sick and your head isn’t hurting too much, you hangover probably does fall into the “surviving exercise” category. Apparently, working up a light sweat and raising the heart rate can be good for cleansing your system.  It won’t help you magically feel as though you slept better the night before though, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a busy rest of the day planned.

If this post has inspired you to grab life by the horns and get out there – or just to stay in with a nice cup of tea – please share or leave a comment 🙂

Please note. Mama ♡ Loves is a Very Responsible Blog which advocates Drinking Responsibly. But even moms need the odd tipple to relax… there’s nothing like having to look after a small child when you’re hungover to curb your drinking.

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