Things that only happen at Pilates

what really happens at a pilates class

Hey guys, we’re just hanging in the Pilates studio, nothing embarrassing happening here

Certain things happen at Pilates that normally stay in the Pilates class. You get yourself into all kinds of weird positions. Events take place. There is a silent understanding that those events will go no further than the class door. Until now.

That’s right – I’m lifting the lid on the Pilates studio to reveal what really takes place in a Pilates class! Some good some bad – all part of the process. Here we go:

1. *ALL* body parts are freely discussed by the Pilates instructor

a doubletake
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20 minute workouts for people who just don’t have time

20 minute workout videos for busy women

If you have a personal jetty you can exercise there – if not, your bedroom will work

We’re all busy and it doesn’t matter what the government recommends, sometimes 30 minutes of daily exercise just aren’t possible. Where can a gym session fit in, between getting up early to dress the kids and yourself, making lunches, working, a two hour drive to a client meeting, getting home late and then preparing dinner?

Lengthy exercise doesn’t always fit into the schedule and there’s no point beating yourself up about it!

However, even a 15-20 minute workout can get the blood pumping, loosen up stiff shoulders, cheer you up, relax you, give you energy or help you unwind before bed. I’m not a sporty person, nor could I ever be described as a “gym bunny” (yuck) but getting a bit of exercise always makes me feel better.

20 minute workouts anyone can try

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