Mama loves exercise for busy mums

I’m not exactly a gym bunny but I really enjoy being active when possible and feel the benefits of exercise. It improves my mood, helps me relax and gives me more energy. Plus it’s nice to notice that you are not out of breath when exerting yourself!

Mama Loves doing the Colour Run

Doing the Color Run with friends in 2015

Before I had LP, I used to feel uncomfortable in myself if I hadn’t had a chance to do some exercise for a few days and I tried to do at least 30 minutes of ashtanga yoga every day, or every other day. I would swim to unwind. I was also just getting into running when I fell pregnant. In fact, I went for a run a couple of days before I found out I was pregnant and nearly threw up afterwards and that was my first taste of morning sickness.

Nowadays, since I’m up on my feet almost all day looking after a highly energetic toddler, I don’t often feel as though I’m going without exercise! Instead the challenge is in carving out some time for exercise and getting a good work out in 20 minutes.

I’m also dealing with some hip pain which I first got when I was pregnant but which has worsened as LP has grown bigger and harder to catch as he runs past. Too much lifting and twisting along with balancing a baby on my hip has destabilised things. My pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy has grown into a nagging hip pain that really gets in the way of life some days. But chiropractic treatments and NHS physio is helping me get back on track.

So this section is all about exercise for busy mums or other people who might be interested in some quick ways to get an exercise fix of a not-too-high-impact variety. Things like using a Swiss exercise ball, Pilates, yoga, running and more. It’s also a section to track my recovery from postnatal hip pain, which I hope will encourage others out there, going through the same thing.

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