LP at 19 months

I wasn’t feeling well last weekend. For once it wasn’t LP’s fault, I caught a terrible cold from someone at work, so unfortunately, it was me infecting him this time around.

Portrait Drawing of a ToddlerThis resulted in me not having the energy to do much apart from sit on the sofa and LP blessedly having a three hour nap to get over the bug. So I took out my sketch book and decided to draw something based on this photograph. This was LP’s first time on a boat – a ferry – taken on our recent family holiday in Padstow. Which is a gem on the Southern coast by the way – sea, white sand beaches, beautiful countryside and good food.

Anyway, here’s the drawing:



Nobody else can squint and purse their lips as cutely

It’s just good old fashioned pencil on paper, making use of a putty rubber and some kitchen roll for blending. But I’m pleased with it and may even find a frame and a place around the house for it to go on display.

I think the subject of the portrait was pleased. His exact words were, “Hat! Baby.”

He’s at such a wonderful age. Mind you I’ve said that about all of them (apart from when he wasn’t sleeping through for months and I was wondering what the hell I’d done to my life). Here’s a portrait in words to go along with the picture:

Favourite activity: bouncing (floor, cot, bouncy castle – all good)
Favourite game: chase
Favourite toy: Monkey / any car or something with wheels that could be a car/ George the giant orangutan stuffed toy
Newest word: “Clock’ – pronounced loudly and emphatically when  encountering any timepiece, without the letter “L”
Other words: mommy, daddy, CAR!, nanny, grandma, No, cat, dog, please, ta, up, down, door, ball, bike, bite, bee, bear, baby, uh-oh, ow, food, eat, chocolate, crocodile, digger, boat, sit, hat, shoe, bubbles, hot, cold, peepo, hippo…. actually, too many to list here now!
Favourite item of clothing: Hat
Favourite food: anything but especially what YOU’VE got on YOUR plate
Favourite book: Peek Inside Animal Homes
Waketime / Bedtime: 8:00am / 7:00pm

I haven’t had any proper drawing classes since Sixth Form, so I don’t have a strict technique. I just built the picture up from a line drawing, rough ideas of shape then adding light and dark areas.I once read that children are hard to draw, since their faces lack the craggy characteristics that come with age. I caught the expression enough for me.


Straw hats are hard, you know!

Anyway, comments, thoughts and links to your own drawings and creative projects are welcome as always. Hope you have some nice bank holiday plans coming up – let’s hope the sunny weather holds!


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