Mama loves baby

Well of course I do. Looking at this little face, how could I not love it?

Mama Loves Baby main image

Apparently, you have to rub the food into your hair to really “taste” it

These blogs are to remember life and motherhood as my young son is growing up. My Little Pickle or LP for short. If I have another child, I’ll have something for reference. Plus, having a record is just nice.

Of course, my next child will probably be completely different. Things that worked with LP will do nothing for baby number 2.

I think it’s worth trying to preserve what I know though. I remember Googling baby care questions obsessively at 2am during the newborn stage, trying to find out if something was normal or just what the hell I should do next.

Maybe there are other parents out there in the same boat who might find something useful here.

I hope so.


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