Mama loves baby

Well of course I do. Looking at this little face, how could I not love it?

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Apparently, you have to rub the food into your hair to really “taste” it

These blogs are to remember life and motherhood as my young son is growing up. My Little Pickle or LP for short. If I have another child, I’ll have something for reference. Plus, having a record is just nice.

Of course, my next child will probably be completely different. Things that worked with LP will do nothing for baby number 2.

I think it’s worth trying to preserve what I know though. I remember Googling baby care questions obsessively at 2am during the newborn stage, trying to find out if something was normal or just what the hell I should do next.

Maybe there are other parents out there in the same boat who might find something useful here.

I hope so.


Coughton Court: Toddler’s Day Out

The court at Coughton Court Coughton Court Key Info Where is it? Coughton Court, Coughton, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 5JA How much is it? £12 for Adults including the house, under fives go free. We also paid for the Cadbury’s Easter Egg Hunt which was £3 (but goes to charity). You can get a garden only ticket … Read More

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Centerparcs Elveden Forest: Toddler’s Holiday

A holiday in the forest We are just back from a week at Elveden Forest Centerparcs with our two year old.  We took it as a respite from the daily grind of February in the UK. Honestly, February is the worst month of the year. January is grim, after the excitement and cheer of Christmas, … Read More

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Kenilworth Castle: toddler’s day out

We had a lovely day out at Kenilworth Castle today. It’s a perfect excursion for the days between Christmas and New Year – crisp, bright and festive. We all had fun exploring and LP tired himself out clambering over the ruined ramparts, so now he is having a snooze while twilight falls, and I’m writing … Read More

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DIY Window Paint for Toddler Play

Window art for young children We tried out this recipe for DIY window paint last Saturday when the wind and icy drizzle succeeded in dampening our (mommy’s) interest in exploring outside. It’s a fun, creative and most importantly – easy – toddler activity that doesn’t make *too* much mess. An excellent way to spend time on a … Read More

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Nappy changing and the art of Zen

You discover things about yourself when you become a parent, some more surprising than others. And nappy changing is one of the most educational parenting experiences of all. It occurred to me that in rising to the challenge of a stinky nappy, you attain a certain sense of zen. Warning: this is not a post … Read More

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An intense day of parenting

One thing that non-parents don’t understand is that an intense day of parenting can take it out of you just as much, if not more, than a hard day at work. Hey, no one does understand it until they have kids. But after a few (lovely, well-meaning) people told me to have a nice day off … Read More

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How to holiday with a toddler

Sunset sea adventures We just got back from a 10 night holiday in the Algarve, near Albufeira, which is why I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. It was beautiful, relaxing and wonderful to have some sun. The last one seems especially important as I’m now back in UK’s July, sitting in the house with the … Read More

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Ridiculous nicknames we have given our baby

Cool names AND cool hair Do you like to come up with silly pet names for your children? My husband and I love to come up with different, affectionate names for our son. At first, this was a way of amusing ourselves under the pressure of new parenthood – spurred on by sleep deprivation. Now they … Read More

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Toddler’s Day Out: Sheldon Country Park

  Staring in wonder at a fluffy toy that moves by itself! Sheldon Country Park is a great place to take toddlers Where is it? Ragley Drive, Sheldon, Birmingham, B26 3TU How much is it? Free! Are there facilities for babies and toddlers? Yes – the toilets are well maintained, there is a cafe for snacks / … Read More

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Baby won’t sleep through? 14 tips to try & what worked for us

If your baby won’t sleep through the night, I’d like to offer a virtual hug and a round-up of tips I hope might help, from the dark, recent days of my own baby-induced sleep deprivation. At a few weeks old, LP would often sleep 6 hours a night, from 12am to 6am. “I can handle this”, … Read More

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