Weaning Tip: Save money on baby food freezer trays

Baby food freezer trays alternative

Forget baby food freezer trays: freeze the portions you need and save them in ziplock bag

There are all kinds of products for all stages of baby’s development out there. All kinds. Plus a lot of advertising to convince you that you need those products. However, not all of it is as useful as it claims and if you are like me and not very good at finding storage solutions, you might want some tips on the things you can avoid.  Well here’s one – there is no need to buy little plastic baby food freezer trays.

These are the types of things I am talking about:

Baby food freezer cube products

Baby food freezer trays / weaning cube trays

They look tempting don’t they? I bet a lot of them are great – the plastic looks really bendy and I’m sure the food is really easy to pop out! For the record – if you have these or really want to buy them – I’m not knocking them. They’re just not for me, I’d find them unnecessary and this is why:

  • Babies are not in the weaning stage forever. At some point it’s likely that these things are going to become a bit useless and just take up space in the (overflowing?) kitchen cupboard. Maybe you’ll use them occasionally for some kind of frozen mousse thing but that’s basically it
  • Kids products are so often made of plastic.  Do you really want more plastic in the house? Plastic fills me with guilt at the fact it is so non-biodegradable. Fantastic material, yes, but definitely overused
  • Babies grow and need larger portions of food. Even if this product is amazingly useful, the portion sizes are going to get too small for your hungry, hungry toddler. See point one.

I love making LP a batch of homemade toddler meals when I have time. It  means that there is always a ready-made, homemade meal in a hurry when he is shouty-hungry (I feed him a lot but he’s a hungry boy!) Plus you just have to cook once and have multiple meals (with the help of the microwave).

Use your existing cupcake trays and oven trays to freeze baby & toddler meal portions

If you use your existing kitchen equipment, there’s:

  • No additional cost
  • No additional plastic to store
  • You can freeze exactly the portion size you need for your child

It’s very easy.

  1. Make the food you want to save in small portions for future meals for your bubba. Allow it to cool to room temperature. Then arrange this in portion sizes (rough, flattish balls) on a clean oven tray. LP loves macaronic cheese with leeks, so that’s what you can see in the pic below:

Freezing toddler portions

Mac ‘n’ cheese with leeks on an oven tray

2. Place the tray into the freezer and chill until the food is just-frozen solid

Put the food into the freezer

3. Use a fish slice or spatula to gently lift the food portions from the tray and seal them in a ziplock bag for future use

weaning food storage

4. To reduce the amount of plastic wastage, be sure to wash the ziplock bags out and re-use them when the food is all used. You can’t go wrong.

If your child is still on puréed food or you have made something more liquid, like soup, you can freeze it in the holes in a cupcake tray and use more than one when you need to serve them.

I hope you like this idea – but hey – if those tempting, bendy plastic trays are your thing, give them a go!  If you have any tips for baby & toddler food storage, please share the love in the comments.

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