Ridiculous nicknames we have given our baby

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Cool names AND cool hair

Do you like to come up with silly pet names for your children? My husband and I love to come up with different, affectionate names for our son.

At first, this was a way of amusing ourselves under the pressure of new parenthood – spurred on by sleep deprivation. Now they are an insider’s language, where we express how cute we think our son is – and how much we love him.

I do hope he can forgive us for this when he is older.

1. Little Pickle (a.k.a. “The” Pickle)

The one that started it all. I am not sure why he became the pickle, but the pickle he surely is. There’s a song by Regina Spektor, about finding a pickle which looks like a smiling face, in a jar at the supermarket. I remember singing the lyrics to LP when he was newborn and feeling distinctly emotional about it… ‘Sleeping time not sleepy so it’s reading time with pickle”

“Love is the answer, to a question I have forgotten..” *sniff*

See also:

2. Winston Pickle

Maybe all babies go through a Churchillian phase. There was a time when even an old lady in a cafe remarked on the resemblance… We thought she had a point…

We knew the hood was too small really

3. The Squidge


  • The squeedge
  • Sir Squidgington the Third
  • El Squidgio

My husband has always referred to babies as “squidges” (because they are so squidgy – obviously). I have a feeling that the posh, BnB-owning drinkers on Gogglebox call their dog “squeedge”… Not sure if that is a good comparison to make.


Looking particularly “squeedgey” here

4. Monkey

I do like monkeys, this is not some sort of derogatory thing. Everyone can agree that toddlers are all little monkeys anyway. He does like to screech when he is excited. The lanugo on his ears when he was born also helped with this name (downy, newborn hair all babies have in the womb)! This is all gone now by the way…

lanugo on ears

What, you didn’t know newborns are often hairy?

4. Potato guy

This one definitely came out of sleep deprivation… possibly because I once read a story about a woman who was so sleep deprived from night feeds and half asleep, that she asked her husband why he was handing her a sack of potatoes in the middle of the night (it was her baby).

image (5)

He was an adorable little potato guy though

5. “J-Dawg” and “Chuck”

Both by family friends of ours.  “J-Dawg” because J is his real first initial and because it sounds cool and manly, which is important to his rugby playing dad and friend.  “Chuck” because that was what our friend’s 2 year old son started calling him. We are not sure why he did, but we loved it. Clue: his name is not Charles.

The dynamic duo

6. Squog and squogbog

A general, loving name that is liberally applied in any occasion.  This one was passed down from my own childhood as it’s one that that my own mother used to call my brother and I…

…wait a second, I think I know where these nicknames might have all begun…

 Baby nicknames

Now we really see where LP gets his good looks from

If you have ridiculous petnames for your babies or kids and want to share below, please leave a blog comment. Thanks for reading.


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  1. admin

    Hehe baby savage is the sort of name we would give LP! Thanks for commenting – you are my first blog commenter! 🙂 Thanks to TwinklyTuesdays

  2. admin

    Excellent 🙂 I often use “monkey moo” and a friend was saying that her little one is moo too, so it’s a popular one

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