DIY Window Paint for Toddler Play


Window art for young children

We tried out this recipe for DIY window paint last Saturday when the wind and icy drizzle succeeded in dampening our (mommy’s) interest in exploring outside. It’s a fun, creative and most importantly – easy – toddler activity that doesn’t make *too* much mess. An excellent way to spend time on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Take a deep breath, have a coffee and get mixing!

The other websites where I’d seen this mentioned used it outside, but we found it drip free enough to use (carefully) indoors. However, I limited the use of this to the kitchen where the paint would be easy to wipe off the floor. After clocking the level of excitement in LP mixing the paint, I realised my original plan to use this on the living room’s french windows had to be scrapped. Toddler + food colouring + sofas = bad idea.

Either way, this is a sensory, surprising and stimulating activity for little ones which allows them to try some skills needed for cooking as well as mark-making – plus fun for the adults involved.

Also, it was easy to clean off the windows afterwards. I think they ended up cleaner than before they started – but what better way to clean than to make it a game? It is a shame I didn’t have Mary Poppin’s style bluebirds to help out but it really wasn’t that much of chore.

DIY Window Paint Ingredients

  • 3/4 cup washing up liquid
  • 3/4 cup plain flour
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 3 colour choices of Wilsons gel food colouring (I’d say it’s the best and brightest you can get)
  • 3 small containers
  • Paintbrush
  • Windows

(You don’t have to use cups – just equal parts of each liquid ingredient.)

window paint instructions


  1. Put your toddler in clothes you don’t mind getting messy. It washes out well, but you’ll need to change them after this activity! Put an overall apron over the top
  2. Put the first three ingredients in the bowl and let toddler have a go at mixing. Enjoy delighted expression on toddler’s face
  3. Take mix away from toddler and ensure fully blended. Pour the mix into three small containers
  4. Add very small drops of food colouring and mix until desired luminosity has been achieved. Toothpick dabs are enough with this brand
  5. Present toddler with paintbrush, holding the window paint for them
  6. Admire toddler’s beautiful and messy window art creations!

LP was so excited when the brush made initial contact with the window that he was literally trembling. You can see the wonder on his face.

window paint wonder

He quickly got the hand of swirling and curving the paintbrush across the glass, then scribbling the colours all together.

Of course I couldn’t resist adding a little decoration of my own and signing the masterpiece on behalf of the artist.


All in all, it kept him occupied for 30 mins, which is pretty good for a 23 month old. I’m sure that older kids would be entertained and help to clean up afterwards! I left the artwork up for a while so BP could admire it when he got in from rugby.

Here’s to your little artists having a go too! If you’d like to share your pictures in the comments or Facebook, please do.



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