I loved drawing as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil. I remember being desperate to make realistic looking drawings and getting very frustrated with my parents attempts to help me build up pictures – “No, Daddy, faces are NOT made up of circles and triangles!”

I was determined to go to art school and be an artist after Sixth Form College, but after I’d sent off my applications and started my foundation course at Bournville College, I had a bit of a crisis of self-belief, that I would never be the next Tracey Emin or female Peter Doig, and that employers would look unfavourably on a Fine Art degree. I changed my applications to History of Art instead, thinking it wiser to aim for something a bit more “academic”. The irony didn’t escape me that once I graduated, employers didn’t seem to award History of Art the same weight as English Literature (even though they’re very similar sorts of courses that analyse history, psychology, philosophy, culture, etc.) A first class degree and no business experience apparently weren’t that sought after with marketing agencies, where I eventually decided I should aim for! No matter, I made it in the world of work in the end anyway.

In the first year after LP was born, time for hobbies was severely constrained. But now LP is sleeping through at night and I have to stay in most evenings anyway, I can draw in front of the TV or listening to some music.  Maybe I can develop my art enough before the next squidge arrives that I can flog a few portraits on Etsy? Modest ambitions, but they make me happy.

Feel free to have a flick through and leave and comments, thoughts or links to creative projects of your own – I’d love to see.

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