Pancake party because no reason

Pancake party

You’re invited

One of the best things about parenthood is revisiting your own childhood memories. Consciously, and unconsciously sometimes, I try to share the joy from my own childhood with my son. Maybe it’s a way of editing the past. Keeping the best bits and forgetting the rest, to try and make sure he has as happy a start in life as possible.

When it comes to pancakes, they always make me happy. They were a massive treat when I was younger. I remember having them for tea on my birthday when I was very little and being utterly delighted. (Unfortunately I also knelt on a wasp while my mum was cooking them, but that falls under the category of things I would edit out.)

It was Pancake Day on Tuesday, but we didn’t have time to make them after work. LP probably would have been too tired to enjoy them and it’s not usually a good idea to fill children full of sugar (even if served with lemon) immediately before bed.

So I took a leaf out of the Strawford family playbook and held a pancake party for the three of us. My mum, the gadget lover, had (and still has) this awesome, electric mini crepe maker thing. It sits in the middle of the table and you can cook your own mini pancakes right there, adding whatever fillings you want. It was the star of several fun weekend mornings growing up. I haven’t been able to find the exact one online to show your because she bought it in the nineties, but it looks a bit like this:

Electric crepe maker

Pancake party… the childhood equivalent of fondu

So this is why we were stuffing our faces with pancakes on Sunday morning. I used the easy pancake recipe from BBC GoodFood for the batter. I made up the toppings first: bacon, grated cheese, maple syrup, fresh fruit and berries, chocolate sauce and – of course – lemon and sugar. Then I cooked all the pancakes (about 10), keeping them warm in the oven in the meantime.

Then came the feasting. I am greedy when it comes to pancakes. As you can see from the chocolate smeared around LP’s mouth below, I think pancake greed may run in the family.

pancake party because no reason

The key ingredients for a pancake party… tasty ingredients and a healthy love of food

This is a good meal for a toddler because it’s intrinsically messy, can be eaten with hands and allows them to choose what they have from a selection. Although you might want to limit the sugar. LP would have happily chosen to just eat the chocolate sauce with a spoon… Also I’m using the term “pancake party” half seriously in this post, but it could actually be a fun party activity/meal for a small group of children.

There you have it. Maybe you’ll enjoy a pancake party at yours next rainy weekend brunchtime. Pancakes aren’t just for Lent, you know.

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