6 times Mr Tumble was an absolute legend

Mr Tumble is a legend in the world of pre-school entertainment. His cheerfully coloured program, Something Special, has provided countless hours of useful child distraction, with the vaguely educational reassurance that it isn’t just televisual junk food.

In fact, the more I’ve seen of the guy, the more I’ve liked him. He’s a top bloke and that Justin fellow isn’t too bad either. I could have gone on but, for the sake of brevity, here are 6 of the times Mr Tumble was awesome:

  1. All the times he distracted LP so that I could fold some laundry, cook a meal, put some make-up on or just sit down and have a coffee:


2. Every day in the infinite patience he shows in the face of interrogation by the child narrator, who must surely be the most jaded five-year-old in the whole of christendom. Well, they like to boss him around anyway… perhaps I’m reading the sarcastic intonation into it on my own (1:10 in the video for example)

3. When he uses sign-language (Makaton) and makes a special effort to focus the show on children of all abilities and development (every episode, all the time). I’m sure the signing is part of the fascination for LP

Something Special sign language with Justin Fletcher

4. When he dresses up as any character under the sun, but particularly when cross-dressing as Aunt Polly. He pops up all over the place and it’s fun for me LP to spot him in costume in various other CBeebies TV shows and theatre productions.

aunt polly something special

5. The authentic enthusiasm and excitement he shows as Justin when meeting the children for the outing of the show. He’s professional and on the mark working with children who are thrilled out-of-their minds to spend time with him. He even keeps his cool when faced with the glowing admiration and gratitude in the parents’ eyes!

Mr Tumble meeting parents and kids

6. The time that he lost his bow tie but it he was already wearing it! What is he like?

(OK, not really)

6. Every time he meets the kids and makes it the best day of their life. Who knows how LP would react to meeting him? But according to this article, one little girl who saw him turning on some Christmas lights shouted, “I never thought you were part of our world.” and when Mr Tumble and Santa walked into a room at a Christmas charity event, the children all ran to Mr Tumble.

Mr Tumble

In all seriousness, Justin Fletcher has received three Baftas, does a load of charity work, helps children with special needs learn to talk and is basically the backbone of CBeebies. He is what is known as a Thoroughly Nice Bloke. I hope he’s the highest paid children’s entertainer at the BBC! And long may it continue. I need my coffee breaks.

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