Pancake party because no reason

Pancake party

You’re invited

One of the best things about parenthood is revisiting your own childhood memories. Consciously, and unconsciously sometimes, I try to share the joy from my own childhood with my son. Maybe it’s a way of editing the past. Keeping the best bits and forgetting the rest, to try and make sure he has as happy a start in life as possible.

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What if being tired is just the new normal?

is tiredness the new normal

This is how I feel right now, but with more hair

At what point do you accept that actually you’re not tired – that actually this feeling that you may once have called tiredness is just the norm now?

I’m getting to a point that I’m so used to being tired, there hardly seems any point mentioning it. Or more accurately, that I sound like such a broken record of someone saying they are tired that I’m bored of remarking on it – and I’m sure my husband is. Maybe it’s just being a parent? Maybe I’m getting soft? Maybe I work too hard? Maybe it’s just getting a bit… older?

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Picture summary of the last two weeks

The last couple of weeks we have been:

Picture 1

Celebrating birthdays


FullSizeRender 5
Planning to move house

(and savouring the favourite views in our current house, like the sun on the stairs on a weekend morning)

FullSizeRender 4

Attempting to take a lie-in to get over all the action

Normal blogging service will resume soon… probably.

6 times Mr Tumble was an absolute legend

Mr Tumble is a legend in the world of pre-school entertainment. His cheerfully coloured program, Something Special, has provided countless hours of useful child distraction, with the vaguely educational reassurance that it isn’t just televisual junk food.

In fact, the more I’ve seen of the guy, the more I’ve liked him. He’s a top bloke and that Justin fellow isn’t too bad either. I could have gone on but, for the sake of brevity, here are 6 of the times Mr Tumble was awesome:

  1. All the times he distracted LP so that I could fold some laundry, cook a meal, put some make-up on or just sit down and have a coffee:


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Sensory Activities for Toddlers – Texture Box

Sensory Play Activities for Toddlers

Since LP has been dropping from one nap to two, the afternoons seem to have grown a little bit longer. It’s tricky to find ways to keep him entertained in the house and mama doesn’t always have the energy for running around the children’s play area in the park.  Even though he’s still really little I prefer to try and do something a bit more creative with him. But when it feels like I’m constantly on my feet, the last thing I want to do is something that involves making edible fingerpaints on the cooker or going out to buy tricky project ingredients (hello, Pinterest!)

This ridiculously easy sensory activity is great for toddlers and older babies and uses up ingredients that you have in the cupboard. It kept LP interested for 30-40 minutes. Moreover, it kept him in one place for 30-40 minutes, meaning I had time to drink a cup of tea. Win, win, win, win,win.

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My first handmade Mother’s day card

image (6)

Feeling pretty touched to have received my first handmade mother’s day card from Little Pickle today. Made with a little help from our excellent childminder. I remember making mother’s and father’s day cards when I was a child. seeing him running in with the card (handed to him by daddy outside the door) is an image I’ll never forget.

My husband has done a very good job of spoiling me too, with breakfast in bed, a few little treats, taking the boy out all day and making roast chicken dinner for us all in the evening! I made a good choice with that one, I tell you. Just off to finish the mini bottle of champagne he bought me 😉

Happy mother’s day to everyone today, I hope you’re spending it with the ones you love, wherever you are.

The First Post

Today is an exciting day! After thinking about it for a couple of years I have finally taken the plunge and set up my own website. That’s a couple of years of fruitlessly turning ideas over in my head; taking pictures of meals for recipes that never got reviewed and reading other blogs with the phrase “I could do this” reverberating around my brain. Whew! I’m glad to be here.

What is Mama Loves… and why have I set it up?

A little over a year ago, my husband and I were blessed with the arrival of our first baby, a son, who shall heretofore be referred to as “LittlePickle” or “LP” for short. His arrival is the main reason for my thinking about starting a blog, rather than just going ahead to do it. I survived newborn baby bootcamp, but stringing sentences together at the keyboard was too much work while I was in the trenches. Never mind the fact “free-time” had disappeared in a confusing puff of smoke, replaced with twelve nappy changes a day, breastfeeding (a full time occupation for those boob noobs out there) and pleading with a tiny child to stop crying and go to sleep.



Suspicious child, checking I haven’t fallen asleep

To be honest, I found being a new mom extremely challenging, mainly because I don’t function well on lack of sleep. Obviously, no-one functions well without sleep. But sleep deprivation caused me a lot of depression and negative, foggy-minded soul searching which repeatedly led me to the conclusion that motherhood was not for me.

I’m very grateful to say that, once LP started sleeping through the night more often and achieving small steps towards independence from me, I finally started to find my groove. Me, my husband and the little guy are doing really well now and I’ve never been happier. We always were really; it just took a couple of months of proper sleep to see that clearly.

So this is a space to think about all the good things in life, at least for the time I spend here. It’s not just about being a mom, but there’s no denying that being a mom comes first these days. It’s not always easy, in fact some times it’s a hellish struggle, but on the days where everything works I love it. I just want to share some of those good days.

I’ll be writing about the things this Mama Loves, such as:

  • Nap time
    Seriously considered naming the blog “Mama loves naptime”, but in the end decided that would be unfair to my child. But nap time, while it still exists, is my refuge where I can get the housework back on track, attempt some form of craft or cooking or other project, or just rest!
  • Baby
    Well, you knew that, didn’t you?
  • Papa
    Together for ten, married for three. I couldn’t live without him.
  • Cooking
    I have a passion for easy recipes that taste good. I can’t claim to be an expert chef or to always get it right, but mistakes can be a source of humour…
  • Eating
    See previous point
  • Clothes!
    Yes – “clothes” rather than fashion. I like to wear what I think looks good on me…
  • Reading
    When I can in my limited time and energy… the last book I finished was “Damn You Autocorrect” but before that it was “Wuthering Heights” so I suppose that could be described as eclectic
  • Yoga. Pilates, Fit ball workouts
    Any kind of quick activity that makes you feel as though you have actually done some exercise, since time is often of the essence. For a long time this was mainly YouTube based, since I cancelled my gym membership once I realised there was no crèche…
  • Running
    Well, attempting to run with a hip issue, but more on that another time
  • Travel and days out
    When we manage to get out and organised, my husband and I can still have a great time with the sprog in tow.  I’m sure LP enjoys it too 😉

Well that’s enough for post number one. I was going to try and keep it a little more concise but there you go. See you next time.