Things that only happen at Pilates

what really happens at a pilates class

Hey guys, we’re just hanging in the Pilates studio, nothing embarrassing happening here

Certain things happen at Pilates that normally stay in the Pilates class. You get yourself into all kinds of weird positions. Events take place. There is a silent understanding that those events will go no further than the class door. Until now.

That’s right – I’m lifting the lid on the Pilates studio to reveal what really takes place in a Pilates class! Some good some bad – all part of the process. Here we go:

1. *ALL* body parts are freely discussed by the Pilates instructor

a doubletake
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Nappy changing and the art of Zen

nappy changing and the art of zen

You discover things about yourself when you become a parent, some more surprising than others. And nappy changing is one of the most educational parenting experiences of all. It occurred to me that in rising to the challenge of a stinky nappy, you attain a certain sense of zen.

Warning: this is not a post for the easily disgusted or anyone wanting to preserve some mystery about parenting.

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