Ridiculous nicknames we have given our baby

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Cool names AND cool hair

Do you like to come up with silly pet names for your children? My husband and I love to come up with different, affectionate names for our son.

At first, this was a way of amusing ourselves under the pressure of new parenthood – spurred on by sleep deprivation. Now they are an insider’s language, where we express how cute we think our son is – and how much we love him.

I do hope he can forgive us for this when he is older.

1. Little Pickle (a.k.a. “The” Pickle)

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Warm halloumi salad with chickpea & spinach

Warm halloumi & chickpea salad

An easy vegetarian recipe for a meat free Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…)

I love chickpeas. They add a really nice flavour and texture to all kinds of recipes, are good for you and I just like the name. “Chickpea”. It’s fun to say.

I also love halloumi. Just look at it piled on top of the salad there. All golden brown crispiness and delightful, salty rubberiness. It’s impossible to resist eating way more than the serving recommendation when you see it frying away in the pan. It keeps for ages so it’s handy to have in the fridge. You can use it to make sides at BBQs and all kinds of stuff. It’s great.

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Toddler’s Day Out: Sheldon Country Park


Sheldon Country Park

Staring in wonder at a fluffy toy that moves by itself!

Sheldon Country Park is a great place to take toddlers

Where is it? Ragley Drive, Sheldon, Birmingham, B26 3TU
How much is it? Free!
Are there facilities for babies and toddlers? Yes – the toilets are well maintained, there is a cafe for snacks / feeding and plenty to entertain the small people, including a play area for older kids
Is it easy to take a push chair? The farm area is well paved and absolutely fine but the muddy grass is not ideal for prams and pushchairs (I’d say the farm is the real reason to go)
Is there parking? Yes

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