Easy, Fancy Midweek Recipe: Pistachio Crusted Salmon

Pistachio Crusted Salmon

Pistachio crusted salmon in pictures

Looking for a quick mid-week dinner that looks a little bit fancier than your average quick and easy meal? I recommend that you try the delicious pistachio crusted salmon recipe, courtesy of Simple Healthy Kitchen.  This recipe feels special enough to use as a weekend treat too (although perhaps your presentation will be better than mine in the final picture above! Bit overzealous with the fine beans)

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Toddler’s Day Out: Easter at Packwood House

Toddlers Day out at Packwood House

After a wonderful and much needed escape to the sunny gardens of Packwood House on Good Friday, I can confirm this is a great place to take a 15 month old toddler. The whole family had fun as LP tired himself out running around and we got some much needed fresh air and Vitamin D. Although I have to admit that we didn’t actually go inside the house! We were having too much fun outdoors and, let’s face it, all toddlers really want to do is move around. It seems from the Packwood House website that the gorgeous setting is the main pull for other families. We’ll have to go back to check the house out another time.

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Sensory Activities for Toddlers – Texture Box

Sensory Play Activities for Toddlers

Since LP has been dropping from one nap to two, the afternoons seem to have grown a little bit longer. It’s tricky to find ways to keep him entertained in the house and mama doesn’t always have the energy for running around the children’s play area in the park.  Even though he’s still really little I prefer to try and do something a bit more creative with him. But when it feels like I’m constantly on my feet, the last thing I want to do is something that involves making edible fingerpaints on the cooker or going out to buy tricky project ingredients (hello, Pinterest!)

This ridiculously easy sensory activity is great for toddlers and older babies and uses up ingredients that you have in the cupboard. It kept LP interested for 30-40 minutes. Moreover, it kept him in one place for 30-40 minutes, meaning I had time to drink a cup of tea. Win, win, win, win,win.

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Lazy Sunday Eggs Benedict

Easy Eggs Benedict for a Lazy Sunday Morning

Recently I blogged about the love for Sunday brunch we have in this household, and shared our version of American pancake stacks. My husband and I also love eggs benedict, although we haven’t tried this out on Little Pickle yet. I just have a feeling that it’s a bit too rich for him and he wouldn’t be able to manage the bacon or spinach (yes – spinach – this recipe is a slightly healthier version!). Lovely, indulgent poached eggs in a velvety sauce on top of smoked bacon, tomato and spinach – delicious!

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My first handmade Mother’s day card

image (6)

Feeling pretty touched to have received my first handmade mother’s day card from Little Pickle today. Made with a little help from our excellent childminder. I remember making mother’s and father’s day cards when I was a child. seeing him running in with the card (handed to him by daddy outside the door) is an image I’ll never forget.

My husband has done a very good job of spoiling me too, with breakfast in bed, a few little treats, taking the boy out all day and making roast chicken dinner for us all in the evening! I made a good choice with that one, I tell you. Just off to finish the mini bottle of champagne he bought me 😉

Happy mother’s day to everyone today, I hope you’re spending it with the ones you love, wherever you are.