One nap not enough, two naps too many

Dropping to one nap at 14 months

LP is 14 months old and three weeks so he is a little bit younger than the average age of babies dropping from 1 to 2 naps (which is 15-18 months according to this post). He used to have a wonderful routine which included a nap from about 11am-1pm then another at around 3.30pm-5pm, from about seven months. But lately, that second nap is either fought off with tears, or spent quietly chattering away to himself in the cot. Either, way, it’s not spent sleeping. This is how I’m managing the one nap not enough, two naps too many phase.

One nap not enough, two naps too many

Up at naptime

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Shoebox photo storage

How to have one million baby photos on your iPhone but still have storage space


shoebox photo storage app logo


It is a truth universally acknowledged that the woman whose photos are mainly of her cat, girls’ nights out and date night selfies has not yet had a baby. For as soon as she does, her smartphone will be filled with baby photos. And she’ll start getting annoying, pop-up messages telling her that she is running out of space and – horror- that there isn’t enough space to take any more!

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Sunday brunch: American pancake stacks

Sunday brunch pancake stack

Pancakes for brunch at home with the family

I love brunch, but sometimes getting a one year old up, ready and out of the door is a bit of a challenge on a Sunday morning. We usually feed LP before we head out for a meal because that means he won’t be hungry and grumpy while we are eating and he can have a snack when we are out. This can mean that brunch quickly turns into lunch or that we have to rush home before nap time.

I have also always wanted to make American-style, fluffy, silver dollar pancakes but for some reason never got round to it. So, thanks to Nigella, yesterday’s Sunday brunch was a double-win! We enjoyed a travel-free brunch as a family and I got to try a new recipe.  The pancakes turned out to be quick and easy to make, my husband, LP and I loved the pancakes and we saved money and hassle. What’s not to love?


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